August 7, 2020

The Trash Bag of Your Dreams and Other New Products

Have you heard? We’ve opened our Astoria warehouse to better serve our New York City cafes and vendors. What’ll be in that warehouse? Well, a whole lot—from milks, to syrups and other drink-related supplies, to all the paper and cleaning products you could need. Allow us to introduce the latest products we’ve got, waiting to be delivered to you in one convenient batch with no minimums.

No, this is bag of your nightmares LOL
No, this is the bag of your nightmares LOL

The Trash Bag of Your Dreams Is Here

Okay, more like the trash bag to make your nightmares go away.

There are few things worse than being mid-shift and realizing you’re out of trash bags. (Being out of coffee tops it.) We’ve got you covered with our bulk 40-gallon bags, and we’ve got ‘em in clear and black.

Indulge In These Birch Wood Coffee Stirrers

Luxury! Only the finest birch wood for these stirrers—like a touch of West Elm for your shop. This is probably one of your slower-moving inventories right now, so why not indulge?

Oh, and they’re 100% recyclable.

6% Germicidal Bleach to Satisfy Even the Biggest Germophobe

2% bleach? Pah. Puny. You need the strong stuff, don’tcha? The kind that kills COVID dead. Well, here’s 6% bleach. Just remember to wipe down surfaces before using this stuff, to give it a battlefield clear of debris like crumbs and coffee grounds. Please don’t drink it.

All the Scouring Sponges You Could Ever Want

You’re probably blowing through packs of these on a daily basis. You can literally never have too many of these double threats, with their squishy side backed by a scrub pad, the ultimate blend of sternness and softness that you’d like to see in a romantic partn—sorry, where were we?

Oh yeah. Scouring sponges. Stock up!

Powder-free Gloves That Just Won’t Quit

This is another product you’re probably blowing through. Safety first, after all—you can’t risk any cross-contamination in a pandemic. These are your standard food-safe, latex-free, powder-free gloves, meaning they won’t coat your employees’ hands in a weird mix of sweat and powder that definitely isn’t sanitary. Swap ‘em out as often as you need!

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