February 6, 2021

Kahwa Coffee Roaster is ready for the Super Bowl

Is Kahwa Coffee in Tampa Bay excited that their hometown is hosting the Super Bowl this weekend? You bet they are!

After a challenging year of pivoting the business to roll with the punches delivered by the global Pandemic, economic shutdown and everything else that’s come along in 2020, Kahwa is thrilled to be finding a silver lining in Tampa Bay’s sports success– A World Series. A Stanley Cup. And now, The Super Bowl!

Our shops in Tampa have been crazy and we are so proud to be able to showcase our company to the country thanks to the NFL.” says Raphael at Kahwa.

While we assumed that cold brew sales would dominate in the Sunshine state, Raphael told us,

We sell a lot of iced drinks and cold brew but people in Florida still drink hot coffee in the AM. Believe it or not our hot drink orders exceed our cold drinks. We serve both all year and sell a lot of each.”

But it’s the ways in which Kahwa stepped up within their community this past year that really resonated with us.

We tried to support people as much as we can. We donated to first aid responders, teachers, everyone out there who was trying to keep us safe and sane!! We also launched the HOPE Roast, benefiting NPCF (National Pediatric Cancer Foundation) and donated 43% of proceeds to the charity. (There are 43 kids a day diagnosed with cancer in the US.)

Everyone has been fantastic with us, buying online if they could not come to the store, learning the preordering system and being very patient with our company while we were navigating those new waters.

(Looking forward to 2021) we’re hoping to bring back some hope and love in this country. We need to all support each other. We are in this together and we need to show it. We just launched the “Share The Love Latte” and we hope it will help us as a community and a country to bring back smiles on people’s faces.”

Truly awesome Kahwa. It’s a pleasure having you as a part of the Odeko Community.

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