January 12, 2021

Community – Cowabunga Coffee Roasters

We recently chatted with Angela Jovinelly at Cowabunga Coffee Roasters

in Hoboken, NJ (the newest of their three locations) to find out a little

about this light-filled, welcoming cafe, right on the water. Here’s what

we learned.

“We decided to open up Cowabunga Coffee Roasters because we

wanted to provide specialty coffees to the community as well as our

partnering restaurant, The Turning Point.

Caffeinating the world, one person at a time is our staff’s super power.

So we offer a wide variety of pour over coffees – a coffee connoisseurs

dream. This makes Cowabunga a truly unique coffee experience.

We love that our customers choose to jump start their day with our

barista creations and live to give every guest the greatest experience


~ Angela Jovinelly

With beautiful views of the NYC skyline, additional locations in

Moorestown, NJ and Warrington, PA, and fantastic cold brew on tap (in

addition to their impressive pour over offerings and espresso drinks)

Cowabunga Coffee Roasters should be on every coffee lovers radar.

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