October 27, 2020

Brugh Coffee Is All Love

For our Community series, we’re asking our coffee shop partners to answer a few questions to help everyone get to know these delightful folks and their shops. We heart our partners, and we think you will, too. 

Here we have Luke Brugh, co-owner and co-roaster at Brugh Coffee in Christiansburg, Virginia, nestled in the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains. Luke has a deep, abiding connection to coffee, a connection his staff and customers can feel: “Our team has a true passion for coffee and community,” he says. 

Why did you decide to open up your shop? 

I first got into coffee when my partner and I started dating. I immediately became obsessed with learning everything I could about coffee. At one point my partner and I started roasting as a side-hustle using a small 500g roaster. We did this for about two years.

Without getting into all of the specifics, I will say coffee saved my life. Having been in the coffee community for a little bit now I’ve come to find I’m not the only one who feels this way. Finding connections with others like this is one aspect that drew me to coffee. I had the realization while roasting coffee as a side-hustle that I really wanted to serve and connect with other people. Coffee seemed like the best avenue for me to accomplish this, so I took the leap and quit my full-time job to focus on coffee opening up the Brugh Coffee Roastery & Brew Lab.

What makes your shop special? 

Our storefront is called the Brugh Coffee Roastery & Brew Lab. So, two things make us unique. 

The first is that we roast in-house. This offers us the opportunity to showcase the roasting process and educate customers on the journey coffee takes from the bean to cup. 

The second is we use the term “Brew Lab” instead of coffee shop. This is because we feel the term “coffee shop” sets certain expectations. While customers can expect certain classics on the menu, it is one of our goals to experiment and try new things as well.

What’s your staff’s super power? 

I would say our staff’s super power is the ability to connect with our customers and leave them happier. Not just in the sense of a quality beverage, but in positive interactions. They truly care and want to put as much love out into the world as possible.

What do you love about your customers?

I would say that I love how supportive and loyal our customer base is. It truly is a privilege to do what we are doing, and I’m grateful every day that I’m able to continue to serve our community.

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