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September 18, 2020
Taproom Combines the Best of Beer and Coffee

Atlanta’s Taproom Coffee & Beer has a little something for everyone.




September 15, 2020
Dough Doughnuts is on the Rise

What makes Dough Doughnuts so extra-specially scrumptious? Steven Klein gives us the scoop.




September 9, 2020
The Barn Coffee Shop is a Labor of Love

On a somewhat stretch of street right next to the ramp to the Triboro Bridge in Astoria, Queens is The Barn Coffee Shop, a bright spot for everyone in the area thanks to owners Erick Gonzalez and Maria Ramos.

This is what some of our 750+ local café owners have to say

Odeko doesn't just save us hours in tedious labor every day... it improves the bottom line. Their customer service is outstanding, and we know that at the end of the day, no matter what, they have our back.

Jeremy Lyman

Birch Coffee Co-owner

📍new york, ny

This is a Joe Coffee quote. When your coffee demands its pastry soul mate, there are few things in this world that can deter you from satisfying that craving.

Odeko continues to allow us to be a part of our customers’ routines during this new normal. It doesn’t get in the way of our staff and it’s simple and intuitive to use for our customers. They've  figured out how to make it work.

Jonathan Pascual

Taproom Coffee Owner

📍ATLANTa, ga

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